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Batumi is the capital of Adjara, located in Georgia. This city is literally shrouded in numerous beaches, and every year attracts a large number of tourists. Batumi is one of the most interesting cities in Georgia, here you will find many attractions. For example, in Batumi you can visit parks, museums, architectural monuments, entertainment centers, upscale restaurants and cafes. In addition, the city of Batumi offers many other attractions and entertainment that make your vacation unforgettable. There is also a rich selection of outdoor activities, including city walks, hiking and adventures. Information about Batumi can be found on the Internet: visiting the city, you will learn even more interesting things. Rather, visit Batumi and enjoy amazing experiences!

Real Estate in Batumi

Are you looking for a new place to call home? Look no further than Batumi, Georgia! This vibrant city is located on the Black Sea coast and has become one of the most popular real estate destinations in Eastern Europe. It’s known for its stunning beaches, breathtaking views and bustling…