Valuations: What Is My Property Really Worth?

Professor Richard great which airport in with us today taking University and what I’d like to do a stance is fine sharing Property Valuations with you some the estimation and after having quite a few sessions about this supersaturate deployment Lee we have had quite the questions so what are they always do hopefully is it’s a somewhat your questions.

They were is an opportunity if you to raise any questions as we go through and the anything that you’d like some more information please say please let me know and I’ll be able to answer is and by the end of hopefulness I’m able to do in this village official very is to keep few I i guess and I review with the limited amount yes I would point out is a lot of information on the website and also at the end of the presentation.

I will show you my email address and contact details so with again welcome it you can see there on the screen that’s that’s my name a certified practicing valuer so see the day it also a fellow up the strain Institute and you see in that it this light hiya this course is accredited by the strength of institutionalized many a battle applications interests cool said what practicing valuer status also in this light Ii happening there are couple a Tigers just to show you some the International suspect.

It’s you see this course aligns very well wit hand I’ll strategic plan at the gym which is taken locally so Scotland their unopened and fail up Tokyo so it is very much global international degree it’s it’s not anything really to do with the day with their where I’m sitting at the moment with fixed rate in Brisbane Queen Street X-rated no Queensland Street and so on its international OK trouble and their property by far the largest asset on the planet and it’s something we’ll have a we’ll deal with so let’s make this trip so this deployment here it’s a great trip lever property so it’s an off-campus API credited post-graduate course providing the knowledge and skills development in the the brought this upon the property so it is one of the broadest tether books even for property are in the the law.

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