Why Peoples are Selecting Expert Property Valuer For Property Valuation?

We doing is fine an income stream so if you want to do this figure out with the analyst-once you have an ought to get out and you know it the Capri is for certain area let’s say urinary with a percent cap rate men you can find the price how much properties were place just go ahead and say leave got a property.

I want to analyze fifty thousand dollars the area has a percent capitalization rate that’s what properties are selling for see a price will be fifty site thousand dollars the we got that number rose by taking the analyst-and dividing it by points one I’m once again if you need a refresher on how the capitalization how to capture it works and relations and online price you can refer back to you I want to previous videos stuff and separate these guys okay so method one sales comparison method to you capitalization method.

Method as call replacement cost method so Opinion of value for real property even an office building thing about buying it if you can use replacement cost method to figure out how much to pay for this office building you want to find out how much it would cost to builder brand-new office building okay.

How much would it cost to build a brand new office building and location near the one where you’re buying it on land that is just as undesirable or has little a house as little desirability as the regional office building com and also to build up with the same quality materials is pretty much a man in all things are the same how much would it cost to build an office building exactly the same as this one that’s how to use replacement cost method so this one is in use the whole lot mainly what you uses the sales comparison and capitalization nothing I once again if you have any questions about these methods.

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